1. Theme
Strengthen the improvement of Chinese yellow cattle beef breeding.
Promote the development of modern beef industry.
2.Main Topics
a. Breeding improvement and germplasm innovation of Chinese yellow cattle
b.Establishment of efficient reproduction & breeding system and operation mode
of beef cattle
c.Welfare farming of beef cattle and high-quality beef production
d. Monitoring and traceability of high-quality beef production
e. International trade and marketing system of beef cattle

3. Date
November 28-30, 2017

4. Venue£º
Ineternational Exchange Center, Northwest A&F University or Yangling
International Convention Exhibition Center Hotel £¨Four-star£©, Shaanxi, China

5. Official Language:
English, Chinese

6. Schedule£º
November 28 Registration.
November 29 Morning: Opening ceremony and keynote report.
Afternoon: Conference report.
November 30 Morning: Conference report.
Afternoon: Special report and closing ceremony.

7. Call for Papers£º
The organizing committee plans to publish the proceedings of the conference
£¨Please enter http://nbcic.nwsuaf.edu.cn/ to download manuscript format£©.
Participants are expected to submit papers relevant to the conference themes.
Please send the full text/abstract to the secretariat by E-mail before
October 28th, 2017. Those who want to deliver a presentation should also
include a one-page resume with a photo in the attachment file so as the
conference organizing committee has enough time to print the proceedings,
arrange the presentations and issue presentation certification.

8. Accommodation and Transportation Service£º
Accommodation will be arranged at Yangling International Convention
Exhibition Center Hotel. Each participant is responsible for covering his/her
room cost. Transportation from/to Xianyang International Airport will be
provided upon request in advance.